Legal Issues

Help with Other Legal Issues

At the Levi & Korsinsky law firm, our attorneys focus their experience and skill on recovering losses due to investment fraud and broker misconduct. Our efforts are fully dedicated to investment loss recovery. However, you may have other legal issues to contend with. Because of our nationwide practice, we come in contact with other law firms and attorneys who may have the ability to successfully handle other legal issues for you. We would be happy to refer you to attorneys with the legal background and capabilities you need. For example:
  • Have you taken VIOXX or other drugs that have been taken off the market?  Have you suffered problems from taking those drugs? We can introduce you to attorneys who specialize in handling such legal cases.
  • Have you been in a car accident or suffered an injury as a result of some other accident – like a slip and fall – that was caused by someone else’s negligence? We can find an attorney who can give you appropriate advice and representation.
  • Do you need a will or require an estate planning attorney? Attorneys we work with focus their practices in these areas and can offer you the legal advice and services you need.
The attorneys at Levi & Korsinsky know the importance of having the right lawyer for the right situation. e are ready to share our contacts with you and make whatever legal referrals you may need. Contact us and let us know what kind of legal counsel you need. Either send an e-mail or visit us.