Mutual Funds/Equities

Mutual Fund and Equities Investment Loss Attorneys

Your mutual fund may have lost money. Individual stocks you purchased through a broker may have lost money. Is this your fault? Is it the market’s fault? Did you make bad choices? Or did a broker convince you to buy investments that were not suited to your portfolio? Did the mutual fund mismanage funds causing a greater loss than the market would indicate? You may need the legal advice offered by experienced financial law attorneys.

The mutual fund and equities investment loss lawyers at Levi & Korsinsky would like to consult with you about your losses and determine if you have a strong legal case to recover those losses.

We have clients nationwide who have recovered losses because of the questionable and improper activities of selling brokers and fund managers. They may have tried to convince you that “the market” or “your decisions” caused the losses. Make sure. Get experienced legal advice from the mutual fund and equities investment loss lawyers at Levi & Korsinsky.

Get started today with your free consultation. Be assured that we don’t get paid unless you recover for your losses. We work on a contingency fee basis, so your only cost is an initial filing fee if you decide to file a legal action to recover lost funds. Contact us today to set up your consultation.