Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Annuity Fraud Victim Attorneys

You diligently planned and saved for your retirement. You may have 401(k) investments, IRAs, and/or a company retirement plan. Now as you approach retirement (or even after you retire), you find that the funds you had counted on simply are not there. The value of your investments has declined and may even be less that the amount you invested in the first place. Is that just a matter of market forces or bad luck? Maybe. But maybe not.

As attorneys who concentrate our efforts on retirement plan investment losses, Levi & Korsinsky finds that many losses are due to fund mismanagement, fraud, or other irregularities. And you may have legal recourse.

Wherever you live in the United States – from California to Florida, from Colorado to Alaska, from Texas to Minnesota, from Oklahoma to Washington State, from Hawaii to Georgia, from Maine to Arizona, and all points in between – we have the legal experience and expertise needed to help you recover losses from retirement plan fraud and mismanagement.

Get started today to find out if your case has legal merit. Our attorneys have recovered money for many clients nationwide and we know how to help you. Contact us and we will set up a telephone consultation to help determine your legal rights, and an appropriate course of action.