Variable Annuities

Variable Annuity Investment Fraud Lawyers

If you have had a problem with a variable annuity, you are not alone. As experienced variable annuity investment fraud lawyers, we have seen first hand the promises held out by those who sell variable annuities that seldom materialize. The only guaranteed profit goes to the seller who gets substantial, hidden commission fees right at the time of sale. There are also a myriad of other fees over the life of the annuities that lessen the value of your investment – and increase the profits to the seller.

Financial advisors, insurance agents and brokers who have their clients’ best interests in mind would rarely, if ever, advise a variable annuity investment. Variable annuities are especially inappropriate for people who are at or near retirement – and the sellers should know that.

If you have a variable annuity and it has declined in value, you may have a legal case to recover some or all of those losses. The attorneys Levi & Korsinsky ave the ability to understand, evaluate, and offer legal advice concerning your unique legal and financial situation. More than that, we have the compassion and concern needed to press your case for as long as is necessary.

Our fees are contingency-based, which means your only up-front cost is the filing fee. Our fee is a percentage of the funds we recover on your behalf.

Get started today on finding out if you have a legal case for financial recovery. Contact us to speak with a skilled lawyer who is ready to help with sound, determined and caring legal advice.